Total savings on electricity and equipment cost after the replacement bulbs life.
Number of years to recover CCTF replacement investment.
Savings in total equipment or hardware cost covering the life span of the replacement bulb.
Number of years covered by the life of the CCTF replacement bulb
Per bulb savings in 1 full year
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    ORIGINAL BULB Consumption per Bulb in Pesos Hour Day Week Month Year
    Original Bulb Wattage Watts Original Bulb
    Kilowatt per Hour cost (P/KwH) pesos Replacement Bulb
    Total number of bulbs used bulbs SAVINGS
    Hours open per day hours
    Days open a week days Total Consumption in Pesos Hour Day Week Month Year
    Bulb life in hours hours Total Original Bulbs
    REPLACEMENT BULB Total Replacement Bulbs
    Replacement Bulb Wattage Watts SAVINGS
    Bulb life in hours hours ORIGINAL BULB TYPE: Metal Halide (400 watts)
    Fluorescent Ballast Wattage Watts
    COST TABLE Units needed to match replacement lifespan TOTAL EQUIPMENT COST Bulb Ballast Starter Disposal TOTAL
    Original Bulb System
    Replacement Bulb Replacement Bulb System
    Original Bulb
    Ballast Number of years service
    years SAVINGS
    Starter Investment Recovered in
    NOTE: fill-up only cells shaded in ORANGE, For none Fluorescent system, set ballast, starter and disposal to zero and disregard their correponding numbers on the next column. Disposal cost of fluorescent as controlled by the Philippine government is 20 pesos.
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